instructions appear on the title screen.
also if you can't pick something up, give it a few clicks or tilt your body a bit.

this game is a reflection of my trials and tribulations as a librarian, a job i had over a span of years in high school. the job of the player is to find books on a request pull list, a frustrating process that typically includes deciphering a cryptic spreadsheet paper that's cut off on all the wrong corners and utilizes the dewey decimal system, which barely makes sense when you're not a researcher doing research.

i enjoyed creating the environment and the general feeling of this game, it is one of the first i've made in unity 3d and it turned out very much to my liking. my trials mostly lie in how janky picking things up feel, and how my mac can barely function when attempting to play this game on webGL. this aside, it's been an interesting journey creating this game.

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